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Funded was created to help people around the world who are willing to build houses and become a landlord without having to break the bank.

I’m sure before you land on this page, you have been seeing less privileges building thier dream home with less income and you wish to also achieve yours.

Yes, it’s Possible. I will show you how and what to do!!

Professional Contractor + Knowing Your budget for a particular item you want to purchase

Still Don’t Believe? Don’t be a Thomas!!!

Seeing some people who build house? when their income is not much and In some case it cannot be compare to yours. This is because the meet professional and have some discussion with them. Expert will help you cut short some unnecessary materials that may increase the cost of your building.

Steps To Build Without Having To Break The Bank


This is the first step to take, carefully check and choose the right plan + design you could love your building to look like. This will help. Imagine making some bad choice and end up in demolishing? Now consider the cost of starting up a new building after demolishing the previous one.


The fact is that you cannot build a house on air. so you need to buy a land. If you already have a land, then that will be a pure example of spending less while trying to build.


Working with Contractor help you to get full control when building. A good Contractor will help you gather a group of workers that charge less money. Another benefits of Good contractor is that he or she will help you get all the necessary permit and do the overall calculation on how much to be spent.

Do you have experience in construction?
If you have construction experience, you be able to save some of the money you would’ve paid to the contractor. Be ready to process all the necessary permit yourself and also seek for help in some aspect you know nothing about.


Supervising the construction involved your present in the site whenever there’s a major event going on the site. You need to be there to ensure that all construction are going well according to the building plan.

Congratulations, You’ve successful get a full guide on how to build without having to break the bank….

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How Many Blocks To Fence A Plot Of Land (100ft by 100ft)

3 bedroom floor plan

All You Need To Know When Building A 3-bedroom Flat

Self-contained building

Cost Of Roofing A Self-contained Apartment In Nigeria

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