Best Place in Uyo To Rent Apartment and live

On this page, we will be talking about the best place to live in uyo and rent a good apartments with top notch security.

1. Ewet Housing Estate

Ewet housing is one of the best place to rent apartment in uyo with the highest top notch security because is a government residential area.

Considering ewet housing as a place where you can see a premium housing estate with current design and well planned.

The only disadvantages of this area is the cost of renting apartment there is high, luckily you can see one single room but is not assured. To rent a self contain, you need to budget from 300,000 – 350,000 then if you’re looking for a flat, budget at least 500,000 – 1,000,000 depending on the apartment features.

2. Osongama Estate

Osongama estate is also a nice estate in uyo. This area also have qualities of houses well planned with good design and strong security.

The cost of Living on this area is high. So, you have to hold same amounts or make same budgets for getting different types of houses as recommended in Ewet Housing Estate. Same features and Budget mentioned for Ewet housing, you should hold the same for this osongama estate.

3. Nwaniba

Nwaniba is another best place to live in uyo and this area could be rate as the most engaged and popular area in uyo.

Nwaniba do not have top notch security similar to osongama or ewet housing but nwaniba is the best place to establish any kinds of business, supermarket, eateries, hotel and more Etc.

The cost of living here is not high because you can see a single room to rent on this area.

4. Itam

Itam is also a large area in uyo where you can see the most popular market in uyo called “udua itam

Udua itam is the most biggest market in uyo where people buy and sell goods. 80% of people living in this area are marketers.

Cost of living are low, you can rent a single room with at least a low budget of 30,000 – 45,000.


Uyo is one the most developing cities in Nigeria. Owning a property in this beautiful city is a sure way of buying the future of uyo

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