How To Send And Received Money Internationally Using Movefunds

A lot of african freelancers from nigeria and other business people who intend to received money from their clients outside the african continent find it a little disturbing that they could not or they cannot receive payments from outside especially in nigeria. However the good news today is that, we have another platform called movefunds.

What is Movefunds?

Movefunds is a global payments tools that enables African to send and and received funds from outside the shores of African continent.

It’s very good resource for freelancers who work with international clients and cannot use the paypal service because the the features to receive payments on paypal is not available for some african continent.

How to create account with movefunds

Creating an account in Movefunds is quite easy. Once you click on create account, it will actually bring us to a page where we have to start up our registration properly.

The next thing you have to do is to go ahead and put both your first name, last name, emails, phone number and upload your id. After that you wait for movefunds to send you activations email, this can take 22-48 hours.

However your client would not need to create any account, as soon as you create an account and create a payment link and then you’ll need to send the link over to your client and your client on their own end will use the link to make payments to you.

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