Best Area To Live In Abeokuta With Constant and Steady light

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If you’re looking for the best place to live in Abeokuta with steady light, we’ve got you covered! Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State in Nigeria, is a bustling city with many residential areas to choose from. But not all areas have reliable electricity, and we understand how frustrating that can be. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best residential areas in Abeokuta that have a steady supply of electricity. So if you’re tired of power outages and want to live in a neighborhood where you can always count on the lights to stay on.

Best Area To Live In Abeokuta With Constant and Steady light

1. Ibara

This is the best region to live in Abeokuta with steady and constant light. It has the best house arranging, social conveniences, security, and serenity than different pieces of Abeokuta. This is the area of most Government establishments including the Public authority Place of the state government. You will find every one of the beneficial things that you want here.

Nonetheless, the central concern about this spot is that the cost for many everyday items is very high. The expense of lease, water bill, light bill, and, surprisingly, cost of food are costly. To lease a house here, you ought to save the spending plan of around 800,000 naira for a level, 500,000 naira for a room and parlor, and 350,000 naira for an independent room. It very well may be pretty much relying upon the idea of the house.

2. Olomore

Also if you’re looking for a pace to live in Abeokuta with steady and constant light. This is additionally one more arranged, great, quiet, and tied down spot to remain. The degree of arranging and advancement here is perfect. You will get a greater part of good friendly conveniences and public framework here.

Like GRA and Ibara region, this spot is additionally costly. You ought to save a financial plan of around 700,000 naira for a level, 400,000 naira for a room and parlor independent, and 250,000 naira for an independent room.

3. Oke Ilewo

Oke-Ilewo, this offers not only steady electricity but also a serene and peaceful environment.

Oke Ilewo has constant light 15- 18 hours electricity supply a day

This region is very much arranged also. You get the required social conveniences and great way of life. Here, you needn’t bother with to fear your security. Furthermore, it is near significant areas in the city.

For the cost for many everyday items and the stuff to lease a house, you ought to hold the spending plan we proposed for Olomore region.

4. Hilltop

This Area is all the more a vacationer and occupied area. This spot is great in the event that you plan setting up a business to provide food for travelers and guests to the city, it is an extraordinary spot. The right friendly conveniences are here.

The expense of lease here as well as different parts of living expense here are something very similar with what you would see at Olomore region. However, it very well may be higher.

Hilltop light is the best. This area have constant light rate of 20 – 24 hours a day.

5. Oke-Ita

Lastly but not the list is Oke Ita light. This region is another great area you ought to consider remaining in Abeokuta. It has a lot of social conveniences that will make your life more straightforward and great. The preparation here is great also.

This spot is marginally less expensive in average cost for most everyday items than the areas that have been referenced. Here, you can lease a level for 600,000 naira, a room and parlor independent for 300,000 naira, and an independent space for 200,000 naira.

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