Top Richest Local Government in Nigeria 2023

Do you know List of Nigeria Richest Local Government Areas?

Everyone is aware that Nigeria is a very big nation. The result is that the country is split into 36 distinct states. Each state contains at least one local government district. Nigeria, on the other hand, has a total of 774 local governments dispersed across its states.

List of Nigeria Richest Local Government Areas.

So below, we will list out 8 richest local government areas in Nigeria

1. Ibeju Lekki Local Government Area

In terms of importance, Ibeju-Lekki, the second city in Lagos State, comes behind Eti-Osa. The Ibeju-Lekki neighborhood is home to a wide range of enterprises and centers, including sports-related ones. The headquarters of numerous companies are situated in Ibeju-Lekki, a large commercial district.

This local government is situated on the other side of Lekki. Some of the L.G.A.’s notable features are Lekki International Golf Course, Pan-Atlantic University, and Lekki Deep Seaport.

2. Abuja Municipal Local Government Area

The Abuja Municipal L.G.A. is currently one of Nigeria’s richest local government areas. This is so because many influential people, including the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, call it home.

3. Ikeja Local Government Area

Lagos State is one of Nigeria’s most developed states today, with Ikeja as its capital city.

Ikeja is a relatively developed municipality in Nigeria with a significant number of businesses and organizations, industrial structures, and important individuals’ homes.

Ikeja is home to a number of notable locations, including the Lagos State Government House, Ikeja, and Muritala Muhammed International Airport, which serves as Western Africa’s primary airport. The largest Shoprite supermarket in Nigeria is located at the Ikeja City Mall.

4. Calabar Municipal Local Government Area

In Nigeria, the Calabar local government area is another notable and thriving local government region. It is situated in the state of Cross Rivers and is well-known for its green reserves, with a significant portion of its land area set aside for them.

The city has well-paved roads and is surrounded by a lot of wonderful tourist attractions, including the Calabar Tinapa, the Obudu cattle ranch, and many others.

5. Uyo Local Government Area

The city of Uyo serves as Akwa- Ibom’s capital. Akwa Ibom State is one of Nigeria’s most beautiful states, in addition to being one of the country’s most developed and attractive cities.

This local government area has seen tremendous infrastructure improvement over the last few years and is home to the famed Godwill Akpabio stadium. This local government area is home to a number of notable landmarks, including IBB Way, Atiku Abubakar Avenue, Udo Udoma Avenue, and Edet Akpan Avenue.

6. Obio-Akpor Local Government Area

One of the Richest local government districts in Nigeria is Obio Akpor, which is situated in the state of Rivers.

The Niger Delta region’s economic center is Obio Akpor. Two refineries exist in the nation, both of which are located in the state of Rivers.

Several energy and petroleum companies also have offices in this town. Obio- Akpor, which refines the majority of the locally derived oil, might be regarded as Nigeria’s financial hub. Where Obio-Akpor’s headquarters are now in Rumuodomaya, the Ikwerre people formerly resided there.

7. Ibadan Northwest Local Government Area

One of the most developed districts in the nation, Ibadan North local government area is home to the first skyscraper and broadcasting company in all of tropical Africa. Additionally, the Lagos-Ibadan railway, the country’s first railway, has its terminal in this local government area. Ibadan Northwest L.G.A. This local government area is located in the largest city in West Africa, Ibadan. It is currently one of the richest local government areas in Nigeria.

8. Bonny Island Local Government Area

Bonny Island is located in Nigeria’s Rivers state. And it is currently one of Nigeria’s Richest local government areas. Bonny Island is the only city in Nigeria with a dependable electricity supply, which may be explained by the fact that the Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Plant (NLNG) is located in this local government district.

The roads and other facilities in this local government area are likewise well-developed. To and from the island, the ferry is the primary mode of transportation. Igbo is a frequently used language in the region, while Bonny Island and Bonny Town speak Ibani as their native dialect.


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