Top 10 Most Develop Cities In Nigeria

Nigeria is still in the process of development. It is foremost Africa’s colossus. It makes sense that some cities would be developed while others would remain underdeveloped given that our nation is still in its early stages of growth. So in today’s Post, we’ll talk about top 10 most develop cities in Nigeria.

Top 10 Most Develop Cities In Nigeria

So below we will list out 10 cities in Nigeria that a well develop. The list will start from 10 – 1.

10. Minna

Last but not the least on our list is Minna. Minna is a calm and lovely city in Nigeria that is situated in the country’s west-central region. History claims that Minna was a labor camp for building railways, and as a result, the town gradually grew into the significant commercial center it is today.

This town boasts a mix of various cultures and lifestyles and is not very crowded. Gurara Falls, Baro Port, The Wushishi Transway Engine (the first railway locomotive engine), and other well-known tourist destinations are all located in Minna. Another nearby destination is Kainji Lake National Park.

9. Enugu

Our number nine most developed city in Nigeria is Enugu. The coal city-state of Enugu state has undergone significant infrastructure growth in recent years. With the construction of luxurious houses, superstores, hotels, and the placement of upscale retail centers, Enugu state has evolved into a traveler’s paradise on earth.

Due to the government’s increasing investment in security, Enugu state is also one of Nigeria’s most calm states.

The state of Enugu has prioritized education and built top-notch schools for kids. The University of Nigeria, Nsukka, one of Nigeria’s best and most well-known universities, is located in the state of Enugu.

8. Akwa

The most developed city in Nigeria Southeastern region is in Akwa city which is the capital of Anambra state, and it is known as the “Light of the Nation.” It is one of the cities in Nigeria with the best road systems and an airport that brings in more money from the domestic market.

7. Ibadan

Oyo State’s capital, Ibadan, sometimes referred to as the “ancient city,” is located there. It is a densely inhabited area with several industrial and commercial activity in the southwest of Nigeria. The University of Ibadan, the first skyscraper (Cocoa House), and the first teaching hospital in Africa are all located in this city. This city is also well-known for its tourism, thanks to the African studies institution’s outstanding museum, Agodi’s botanical and zoological gardens, and the University of Ibadan. Ibadan is one of Nigeria’s most attractive cities because of this.

6. Ogun

Ogun State’s capital, The Gateway City, ranks among Nigeria top 10 most developed cities. Because of the abundance of enterprises there and its proximity to Lagos State.

The popular Olumo rock, Centenary Hall, and Osuuru Water Spring are just a few of the numerous tourism sites in Ogun State.

5. Kano City

The most developed City in Northern Nigeria is Kano city. It is one of the most developed city in Nigeria, where agriculture serves as the main source of wealth. Its high degree of internally generated revenue in comparison to other states is the reason behind this.

The main agricultural product grown in Kano City is groundnuts. Other important agricultural products farmed in Kano city include rice, millet, pepper, and many others.

4. Uyo City

Uyo is capital of Akwa Ibom, a significant oil-producing city. Because of its tranquility and other qualities, Uyo is considered one of most developed City in Nigeria. Farmers and traders make up the majority of the population.

Uyo is undoubtedly a place to keep an eye on given the growing level of human and infrastructure development. Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort and Ibom Tropicana Entertainment Center are two cool places to check out.

3. Port Harcourt City

Port Harcourt must be included on any list of Nigeria most developed cities. One of the landmark in this citiy is A “centre of black jewel” (oil).

PH city is home to many tourism attraction such as Isaac Boro Park, Bony Island and Ifoko Beach.

2. Lagos City

Second on our list is Lagos city and it is one of the most developed City in Nigeria and Africa.

It served as the state capital of Lagos until 1975 and the national capital of Nigeria until December 1991. Lagos was supplanted by Abuja as the federal capital, and Ikeja as the state capital. But many government organizations continued to have an unofficial headquarters in Lagos.

Lagos State is crucial to the Nigerian economy and will continue to serve as the center of commerce for the nation. The biggest commercial banks in Nigeria and ECOWAS, among other national and international businesses, have their corporate headquarters in Lagos state. The largest GDP contributor to Nigeria is Lagos’ diverse economy.

1. Abuja City

Abuja, the federal capital of Nigeria, is expected to be one of the most developed City in Nigeria, if not the most developed City in the nation. Its motto is “Centre of Unity.” The Nigerian government’s offices are in Abuja.

For every foreign visitor who wants to meet with the president, Abuja is the place to start. The offices of the president, his vice president, other senators, and government agencies are all located in Abuja. Abuja has to be entirely for this reason. After all, it serves as the seat of power.

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), and many other large international businesses are located in Abuja.

Among the most famous tourist destinations in the nation are Zuma Rock, The National Stadium, The Millennium Park, Abuja National Mosque, Aso Rock (The Presidential Villa), The House of Assembly, and countless other landmarks in Abuja.

Without a doubt, Abuja will always remain the federal government’s top priority because it is Nigeria’s capital city and receives a significant amount of yearly funding.

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