Top 5 Most Costly House In Banana Island Lagos

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Where are they Top 5 Most Costly House In Banana Island Lagos? Which famous personalities reside in these çostly homes?

It is often claimed that some things in life can only be understood through experience. Luxury is an illustration of this. How much more luxury can be described without actually experiencing it? Without experiencing money yourself, how much more can prosperity be explained? These are the thoughts that arise.

Banana Island is a wealthy area in Lagos State, Nigeria. The name of this artificial island off the coast of Ikoyi refers to how it resembles a banana. It is Nigeria’s most known estate.

So with much talks let’s point at direct the top 5 most costly house in Banana Island Lagos.

1. Mike Adenuga house

This house is the most costly on Banana Island and the second most expensive home in Nigeria. The proprietor is Mike Adenuga, a telecom company tycoon and oil magnate.

One of the Richest black people in Africa is Mike Adenuga, who founded Globacom. His estimated current net worth is 7 billion Naira.

The value of Mike Adenuga’s house is said to have increased over time to exceed #100 billion Naira from an initial estimate of #80 billion.

2. Psquare House

Popular Nigeria artist known as Peter and Paul (psquare) owned the second most costly house in banana island, lagos.

The estimated price of this mansion is 1.5 billion Naira.

These musicians have showcased the interior of their house in a number of magazines, showcasing the grandeur of their homes to the public in addition to recording some of their popular music videos there. The balcony is one of the mansion’s most beautiful areas.

3. Davido House

Davido (OBO) is on our list because he owns one of the most costly homes in Banana Island, Lagos, Nigeria, which is known as the “heaven of billionaires.” The estate is estimated to be worth $1.5 million, or over N5 billion naira. This house has an elevator, a swimming pool, and an ultra-modern gym.

So on our list Davido House rank the third. He is also one of the top Nigeria artist which is also know across the country.

4. Linda Ikeji House

The fourth most costly house in Banana Island, Lagos, is owned by Linda Ikeji. She is regarded as one of the most important rumors blogger. This mansion costs 800m naira and is located at Banana Island, Lagos State.

She is a well-known Nigerian gossip blogger, and Forbes and other international websites have covered her blog. She is also one of Nigeria’s highest-paid bloggers.

5. Sayyu Dantata

Last but not the least on our list is Sayyu Dantata house. Which is among the Top 5 Most Costly House In Banana Island Lagos. The house is worth about 1 billion Naira.

The gorgeous house is owned by an oil tycoon who also controls MRS gas stations all across the country. He also serves on the board of Chevron Oil Nigeria PLC.


From our post, we have been ables to list out the Top 5 Most Costly House In Banana Island Lagos. Don’t hesitate to ask questions on the comments section.

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