Osongoma Estate, Ring Road 3, Ring Road 4 (Uyo) – Honest Review

Some visitors are going into the inner villages in Uyo city and other parts of Akwa Ibom State to buy cheap land. My people with money are not keying in. Uyo city of today was once a deep interior community.

My people, Mbok ( Ibibio) try as much as you can to secure some plots today in Osongoma Estate and Ring Road 3 so that you won’t end up buying at higher prices from visitors when villages finally metamorphose into mega cities.

Ring Road 3, Uyo.

Ring road 3 view, uyo
Ring road 3 view, uyo

Are you looking to buy land in Uyo? This is one of the most profitable areas in Uyo right now to buy land.

We have done our research and calculations. We have passed this land and its location through the filter of what qualifies real estate as profitable.

Ring Road 3 a few minutes drive away from the Idu Secretariat, among other impressive commercial and residential landmarks in its location.

The true story of Osongoma Estate, Uyo

Front view of osongoma Estate, uyo
Front view of osongoma Estate, uyo

A popular preacher in Uyo discovered Osongoma Estate the same way our colonial masters discovered Africa. He invested heavily in cheap plots. When the area opened up, he resold them and moved to Ring Road 4.

We don’t need to tell you that he made millions in profit. Asked those who refused to buy when it was a deep forest. There are probably some residents regretting each time they drive past Osongoma Estate—the once-evil forest’. Today, a plot is going for millions of naira.

A man almost threw me out of his car for showing him plots along the ring road many years ago. The area was waterlogged. No one ever thought something good would come out of Ring Road 3. This is the same ring road 3 that is 350Sqm now worth 10 million.

Can you imagine? 350 square meters that is not even up to a plot of land. But someone is willing to pay simply because it’s by the tarred road.

Ring Road 4: The Next Destination

View of Ring Road 4, uyo
View of Ring Road 4, uyo

Ring Road 4 is an incoming area, still awaiting development, but you can still buy a plot and resell it when it is developed.

This time around, I drive, so you won’t be able to throw me out of your car for showing you the evil forest. But trust me, when Ring Road 4 is ready, you will need millions of naira before you can secure a plot.

We funded also have cheap plots in Uyo LGA. Price ranges from 350k to 800k per plot. You can contact us if you need our service

The fact is that every village in Uyo will experience transformation. This is because Uyo is the capital of Akwa Ibom State. Maybe you’re not aware… The Federal Government has approved the Ibom deep seaport.

When the seaport finally comes, there will be no cheap land again in Uyo and other parts of Akwa Ibom State closer to Uyo and the deep seaport. Mark my words…

We’re funded, the africa’s most sought after real estate consultant.

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