All You Need To Know When Building A 3-bedroom Flat

Are you planning to build a home? Building a home in Nigeria can seem like a forever project, especially when you don’t follow the right steps, know what to do first, and so on.

Building a house now is quite expensive, so it requires a lot of sacrifice to build your own home. Most people die in the process of building an expensive apartment without leaving a home for their children.

What is a 3-bedroom flat?

A 3-bedroom flat is a modern house which consists of 2 living rooms, 1 sitting room, 1 master room, Dinning, store, kitchen, and a toilet.

The picture above shown a full look of a 3-bedroom flat.

Types of 3-bedroom Flat

There are 3 Types of 3-bedroom flat which include.

  • Modern
  • Traditional
  • Classic architecture

Building Plan for a 3-bedroom Flat

The master bedroom is a true retreat, offering ample space and comfort. Which can be placed on the first floor for privacy purposes.

The living room warmly welcomes you with a soaring vaulted ceiling and a cozy brick and wood fireplace. Also like building a duplex home, which may have a bedroom on the second floor and a space for living underneath.

1. Open floor plan

If you’re planning to build, your choice can be to build an open floor plan with a store, living room, dining room, and toilet.

An open floor plan connects the family together even when cooking or entertaining visitors.

2. Traditional Layout Plan

This is the type of building plan that splits the living room from the dining area. And it is also easy to transform your traditional layout plan into an open floor plan with the help of your favorite contractor.

Can I build a 3-bedroom flat on 1 plot of land?

Many people ask the same question, but the answer is yes. 1 plot of land can fit a 3-bedroom flat, with enough parking space in the frontage of the building.

Steps Involved In Building A 3-bedroom Flat

There are step-by-step procedures involved when building a 3-bedroom flat, and below we will look into the steps.

1. Location

This is the first step in all real estate investments. Location determines everything. So finding the best location to build your 3-bedroom flat will be the first thing to consider.

2. Buying the Land

After you have chosen the right location, the next step is to purchase land in your best location. Remember that a moderate 3-bedroom flat can sit on a 50 by 100-square-meter plot of land.

3. Clearing The Bush

If your budget is on the high side, you can order a tractor to clear up the bush. But if your budget is low, you can consider clearing the bush yourself. It takes around 1-2 days to clear a 50 by 100 sqm.

4. Excavation

You can choose to excavate only the columns and bases. Once the bases are up on stable or rock ground, you can now proceed to cast the steel bases and columns. This process will take around 2–3 days.

5. Casting Of Foundation

The foundation is the most important phase of a project, especially in areas with deep cotton soil. During these steps, you have to mark out the layout of the house. At least casting the stone, and the height should be 1.5ft above the ground.

6. Backfilling

In this process, you ought to replace the excavated soil in the excavated space around where you dig the foundation.

7. Over-site concrete

The over-site concrete serves to maintain the stability of the building. It helps to distribute loads (live and dead loads) from the beams, columns, and finally the foundation. It also serves as an absorber for earth tremors and vibrations.

8. Erection Of Walls

This is the process of raising both the internal and external walls from the ground to the lintel. This takes around 2–3 weeks, depending on the number of workers on the site.

9. Lintel Installment

This is usually done with the help of a carpenter and contractor; in some cases, it takes three days to finish up the lintel installation.

10. Roofing

This is the process of installing all the rafters with the help of carpenters. This usually takes a week, depending on the number of workers.

11. Plumbing and Electrical Install

Plumbing is the installation of pipes and wires to keep water and light running. It’s a good idea to look for a professional plumber with experience. This process usually takes 2–3 days.

12. Tiling

In this process, you order professional to cover some of the surface with tiles.

13. Plastering and Painting

Plastering makes the wall look smooth; after plastering, you consider painting, which is the last step. This usually takes a week or more.


Building a 3-bedroom flat is not that difficult when you meet the right contractor. Sit down and do some research on all the expensive things you’ll pass through before building a 3-bedroom flat. Do not Forget to book our website for more updates

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