Cost of Roofing a Self-Contained Apartment in Nigeria

What is the cost of roofing a self-contained apartment in Nigeria today? Roofing is one of the most important things in every building in Nigeria. Roofing serves as a way of covering your home with wood and metal.

So if your dream self-contained home has reached the stage of roofing and you’re still wondering how much it will cost you, Then worry not, because you’re on the right page to figure it out.

In this post, we will explain in detail the cost of roofing your self-contained apartment, including the cost of workers wood, plywood, etc.

Firstly, you need to be aware that it all depends on how big you want the room to be, and location also matters. There are some locations in Nigeria where you can buy quality roofing material with a lower budget, and there are also some locations that are expensive.

So the main topic today is: what is the cost of roofing a self-contained apartment? Keep calm, and let’s dive into the main reason why you should choose to build a self-contained apartment.

What You Need To Know About Self-contain Apartment

A self-contained apartment is a modern home with one single room and other facilities, which include a toilet, kitchen, and bathroom.

In Nigeria, a self-contained apartment is usually built by an average person or a single man who is just starting up a life and looking to own a home.

Cost of Roofing a Self-Contained Apartment
A Self-contain apartment floor plan

The above picture shows a clear floor plan of a self-contained apartment. This type of apartment is becoming popular in Nigeria as some tenants are planning to become property owners and also to avoid “face me, I face you” rented apartments.

In Nigeria, the cost of building a self-contained apartment is less than the cost of other types of homes, such as mansions, bungalows, etc.

What materials are needed to roof a self-contained apartment?

It’s important to think about all the materials needed to roof a self-contained apartment and write them down on a piece of paper to make the cost calculation easy.

What are the materials you need to roof a self-contained apartment? Below in a table, we will list out all the materials needed.

S/NRoofing Material
1Roofing Sheet
2PVC or TPO Ceiling
3Asphalt Shingles
6Ice Shield
7Venting System
15Drip Edge
16Chalk line

Roofing material is based on the type of design you want. The above list is just of the common roofing materials seen around. Note that your contractor may still demand more materials in order to complete the roofing of a self-contained apartment.

What is the cost of roofing a self-contained apartment?

You need to take many factors into account before knowing the exact cost of roofing your dream home. Example: the type of ceiling you used, the woodwork design, workmanship, etc.

According to expert, the cost of roofing a self-contained apartment in Nigeria will be around two hundred thousand naira (₦200,000) to two hundred and fifty thousand naira (₦250,000) for moderate roofing. That’s if you’re looking to roof a self-contained apartment on a low budget.

If you consider roofing your self-contained apartment with standard and quality material, you will need to budget around three hundred thousand naira (₦300,000) to three hundred and fifty thousand (₦350,000)

NOTE: The cost of roofing a self-contained apartment in Nigeria is mostly determined by the material used and the location of the property. So keep in mind that your own cost might be less than our estimated cost or even less.

Also, remember to seek the help of experts around you.

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