Wrought Iron Door: Price of Iron Doors in Nigeria

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Almost 70% of houses in Nigeria are now making use of iron doors, especially at the entrance of the house and the exit door which make it more secure than wooden doors. Most homeowners choose iron doors over wooded doors for additional security and that’s why the price of iron doors in Nigeria keep increasing everyday.

When we talk about price of iron doors, these three factors may also affect the price of iron doors in Nigeria: Quality of materials, size, and the type of design you want.

So let’s say it all depends on what you want. We shall look into the prices of iron doors in Nigeria, but let’s quickly find out what these iron doors are.

Iron doors in nigeria

When we talk about iron doors, we likely refer to them as the modern security in your homes.

Iron doors design in Nigeria

Iron doors have many types of designs in Nigeria. This design may determine the cost and the quantity of iron material used in the process.

So when choosing a design for your iron doors, you should first check the ability of your pocket and decide if you’ll be capable of it or not. The more the design is beautiful, the more the cost is increasing. That’s what you should have in your mind.

Below, we will show you some iron door designs commonly seen in Nigeria. Let’s talk a look.

In the above pictures, you have seen different designs of iron doors. Remember that the more the design is eye-catching, the more expensive the iron doors.

Sizes of Iron Doors in Nigeria

Also, the size of iron doors can affect the cost. All may be single iron doors, but the size of your door may differ from others. For example, Let’s take a look at this 2 iron doors. A & B

(A)has one big entrance and a small entrance while (B) has one single opening. A will be more expensive than B.

Price of iron doors in Nigeria according to size

In a table, we will list out the current price of iron doors in Nigeria according to thier size.

Size of Iron Doors Cost in Nigeria
3ft by 7ft single iron door 50,000 – 60,000 naira
4ft by 7ft single iron door 68,000 – 80,000 naira
4ft by 7ft double iron door70,000 – 80,000 naira
5ft by 7ft full metal security iron door340,000 – 400,000 naira
6ft by 7ft double panel iron doors 250,000 – 300,000 naira
Cost of irons doors in Nigeria

Locally made iron doors in Nigeria: Locally made iron doors in Nigeria is the kind of iron doors that is being made in nearby communities, which may be sold out for a lesser price. For example, if foreign-made is 40,000 naira, then local-made will be around 25,000 – 30,000. The disadvantage of this locally made iron in Nigeria is that it won’t last long compared to foreign-made iron doors.

What is wrought iron?

These are soft iron with less carbon inside, which can be bent into different shapes and styles, used in making gates and furniture. Examples of wrought iron are shown in the picture below.

modern wrought iron door design in nigeria

Wrought iron is heated and pounded into pleasing shapes to form object that are both utilitarian but also beautiful.

Types of iron doors

The two types of iron doors commonly used in homes are single door and Double doors. The main key features of double doors that attract buyers is that it give opportunity for unlimited design and customization including the addition of glass.

How to remove cement from iron doors?

Removal of cement stains from doors after construction can be done with the use of vinegar and warm water. Mix it together and use brush to polish the affected area. Allow it for a while, then use clean water to rinse it. If it still persist, is advisable to use sand paper.

Price of iron doors in Nigeria

Currently, the price of iron doors in Nigeria range between 35,000 naira – 100,000 naira based on the originality and location. It can be negotiable when you need them in bulk.

Locally made iron doors in nigeria: The cost of buying local double iron doors in Nigeria is around 55,000 naira upward. Depending on the size. Price of iron doors in Nigeria are rising everyday. So keep in mind that iron doors might be more expensive in your location than the price above.

How to clean iron doors

If your iron doors fade from high quality to low quality because of acid rain and UV rays. You can clean your iron doors with the help of this product called iron mate. Get a rag and rub the product (iron mate). Then use it to clean all your doors and wait for the outcome.

Cast iron doors

This is the type of iron doors made through casting. Melting and molding iron into pre-fixed shape that can be use to design iron doors.

iron door price in nigeria. Casted iron doors

The above picture show how the cast iron doors look like.

Pros and Cons of Iron Doors


  • Wrought iron doors are dust-resistant. It maintained its standard for many years.
  • It’s easy to maintain
  • Iron doors boast the value of your home.
  • It’s increase security
  • Thier quality and design grant a luxury taste to your home, doesn’t matter if it’s on the grand entrance or cozy interior.
  • Opportunity to customize including the addition of glass.


  • They’re expensive compare to wood door.
  • Installation process is not easy. You need to find professional installer that can handle the installation.
  • Iron doors are too heavy. Not easy to carry alone Without the help of someone.


Iron Doors comes with a lot of cons for homeowners. Allowing them to choose the best fit for thier homes exterior. Also, note that price of iron doors depends on your location.

Be sure to compare price from different dealers to avoid spending much money on iron doors.

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