Tiles Price in Nigeria 2023 | How Much Is a Carton of Tiles in Nigeria?

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Knowing the actual price of tiles in Nigeria is what people are searching for on the internet every day. This is because people are becoming homeowners each day and finding it difficult to know the best tiles that fit thier homes. So we put on this article to highlight all that you need to know about the current price of tiles (updated 2023) in the Nigerian market as of today.

The cost of buying tiles currently in Nigeria depends on the type of tiles you want or the type that fits your home. There are different types of tiles out there local and international but to know the one that fits your home and the cost of it is the main reason you are reading this article. Let keep going

Do you still remember when tiles were mainly used on the toilet floor and around the sink of the kitchen just to drain water? But currently, homeowners use tiles on every corner of the home which include the floors, walls, steps, and so on.

It is important to make research on the current market to know the exact price of the tiles that fits your home, otherwise you might end up spending much than you expect.

4 Types of Tiles commonly used in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are so many types of tiles available for purchase. But we’ll look on the 4 most trending one homeowners are using currently.

1. Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile: what are the price of porcelain tile in Nigeria

Porcelain tiles bring long lasting beauty to your walls and floors and make you experience the warmth of wood with its durability. It has so many features on it. Porcelain tiles serve as water resistant for bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms.

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Public spaces also make use of porcelain tiles in some places like hotels, restaurants, stores, offices, and most commercial buildings. Also it’s highly recommended for outdoor usage such as pool surrounding.

The two types of porcelain tiles:

  • Glazed porcelain tiles
  • Full bodyporcelain tile.

Glazed porcelain tiles are mostly found in homes while full body porcelain tiles can be found in commercial buildings because it’s can withstand high traffic foot mash.

2. Ceramics Tiles

Ceramics tiles and price in Nigeria

These are the most common types of tiles used in Nigeria. It is naturally produced through a mixture of Quartz, sand and water. Ceramics tiles are Waterproof and easy to maintain. Ceramics tiles provide a great and stunning look for your home with different shapes, colours and sizes. It can be used anywhere including the living room, toilet, bathroom etc

3. Quarry Tiles

Quarry tiles: Price of quarry tiles in Nigeria

The process of manufacturing quarry tiles is similar to of bricks. It can be restore after many years of usage if the tiles look rough and fade.

Quarry tiles are used in indoor/ outdoor wall and floor to give your home a beautiful traditional look. They are used for commercial building flooring because its can withstand heavy footmash traffic.

4. Interlocking Tiles

Interlocking tiles price in Nigeria

These types of tiles are suitable for outside floor, warehousing, garage, gym, office, etc. Interlocking tiles are produced from high quality material that protects your floors from damage. The installation process is easy compared to other type of tiles.

Interlocking tiles also help to reduce noise and add more comfort to your workout. Interlocking tiles don’t just tackle high foot traffic, they tackle it with beautiful transformation. It’s the best choice for those with an eye for exclusive colours, durability, stylish, shape and versatile.

How much is a carton of tiles in Nigeria?

Knowing the exact amount depends on the type and size you are buying. In today’s market, the price of (60 x 60) is 8000 naira per carton.

Current price of tiles in Nigeria (2023)

The current price of tiles in Nigeria ranges between 1500 – 8000 naira based on the type and the quantity you’re buying.

In the table below, let’s have a look at the type, size and price of tiles in Nigeria.

Types SizePrice
Ceramics Tiles 45 × 45 CM Floor tiles2,800 – 3100 naira
40 × 40 CM Floor Tiles2,400 – 2800 naira
30 × 60 CMFloor Tiles 3000 – 3500 naira
60 × 60 CM Floor Tiles 3600 – 4600 naira
Porcelain Tiles30 × 60 CM Floor Tiles1,700 – 2,500 naira
40 × 40 CM Floor Tiles2,000 – 2500 naira
45 × 45 CM Floor tiles 3,000 – 3200 naira
60 × 60 CM Floor tiles 4,500 – 5000 naira
Price of Nigerian made tiles

NOTE: The above price of tiles is not worldwide.


The price of tiles in Nigeria depends on your choice. The more durability and versatile it is, the more the cost price is high.


how many 40×40 tiles are in a carton in nigeria?

There are 12 pics of tiles on each 40 × 40 CM carton of tiles

How many tiles are in a box?

Number of tiles inside depends on the CM of the tiles, which is the size

30 × 30 = 17 pieces of tiles
20 × 30 = 25 pieces of tiles
40 × 40 = 12 pieces of tiles
50 × 50 = 7 pieces of tiles
60 × 60 = 4 pieces of tiles

How many pieces of rubber tiles are in a pack?

There 35pcs of rubber tiles in a pack of 30 × 30 CM

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