Wood Flooring: Cost of hardwood flooring in Nigeria

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Knowing the Cost of hardwood flooring in Nigeria is one the most important thing to look into when building a home. Most families choose hardwood floors because it give natural vibes. There are many types of flooring which include Tiles, Concrete, rubber and wood.

Today, we’ll look into the total cost of hardwood flooring in Nigeria. So if you’re about to floor your interior/exterior homes or office, read to the end as we details all the cost of wood flooring in Nigeria as of 2024.

Back in the days when there’s was nothing like wood flooring, our fore father do make use of clay soil for flooring thier mud homes. Hardwood flooring cost generally depends on so many factors, which include the choice of hardwood you make, the size of the area to be floor and the cost of installation.

Types of Hardwood flooring commonly used in Nigeria

There are many types of hardwood floors in the world but we’ll be looking at the common ones seen and used in Nigeria

1. Engineered hardwood flooring

Installing Engineered hardwood flooring

When we talk about engineered hardwood flooring, we likely to meant flexibility and durability. It’s mostly used for flooring the interior part of homes.

According to studies, engineered hardwood flooring has lifespan of 40 – 60 years with it’s thickness. It’s can be change from light to dark by the used of aluminum oxide. The best part of it is that it’s made from real woods.

2. Solid hardwood flooring

Solid oak hardwood flooring

Solid hardwood are heavy duty long–established wood, made from 100% real wood, which can be refurbished when stain without replacement. It has more long lifespan compare to engineered wood flooring. When it comes to flexibilities, solid hardwood flooring are limited. This is because it wasn’t made to be bent easily unlike engineered hardwood. Attempting to bend them might result in several issues which includes installation difficulties, Structural Integrity and it’s moisture level etc.

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If the space you want to floor need flexibility, then is advisable to go for engineered instead of solid hardwood floors. Solid hardwood floors is affordable to install and easy to replace after years of used.

These are the two hardwood flooring that can be easily seen in Nigerian homes.

Hardwood flooring installation

Hardwood flooring is one of the right choice for many homes with great benefits. The cost of installation might determine by the material you use, the area to be covered and the contractor you order for installation.

Usually, the average cost of installing hardwood floors in nigeria range between 14,000 naira – 16,000 naira per square meter.

How much does hardwood flooring cost in Nigeria

A square meter of hardwood floors in Nigeria cost around 15,000– 17,000 naira, depending on the type of hardwood used.

Factors affecting the cost of hardwood flooring in Nigeria

On this part, we will be looking at some factors that can affect the cost of hardwood floors in Nigeria.

  • The Floor Condition: Condition of the floor might affect the cost of hardwood floors. In some case where the the floor is in good condition and needed only light and sanding, the cost will be lower. However, if the floor required repair from damages, then the cost might be high.
  • Material used: Your choice of materials could also have impact on the cost of hardwood flooring.
  • Design and floor Installation: The choice of designs your contribute to factors that affect the cost. If you choose to install styles like chevrons in your interior homes, then your budget should be high. This is because the fancier the design, the more the floor is expensive.
  • Location: Where you live is another factor that could affects the cost of hardwood floors. This is because the price of buying one plank in cities might differs from local price and the labour cost might also be high or low depending on your location

Difference between prefinished & unfinished hardwood flooring

Prefinished hardwood flooring: This is a timber plank wood that has been dressed, sealed and sanded in the factory, which are ready for installation. It’s easy to install.

Unfinished hardwood flooring: This means, you have to sand the floor property after installation. It’s take a lot of time to finish the installation process.

How to clean hardwood flooring

Cleaning your floors is the best way to restore the beauty of your floors and give them the ability to withstand long lifespan. Here are some essential tips that will will help you to care for your hardwood floors:

1. First remove dust, dirt and debris from the floor by the use of vacuum cleaner.

2. Make use of mob or wet clothe to clean the dust regularly.

3. Do not soak the floor with excessive water in other to avoid damaging the wood.

4. Avoid the use of hard substance or harsh chemicals on your hardwood floors to avoid fading.

5. Allow the floor to dry after cleaning. This is because standing water can cause damage to the wood.

Best place to buy hardwood flooring in Nigeria

Looking for the best place where you can buy hardwood floor in Nigeria? Worry no more, here are the list of companies that sell quality hardwood flooring with installation materials:

Dee certain floors – This company is located in Lagos, Nigeria. Deals with all kinds of wood flooring materials

You can also buy online from jumia by placing your order and wait for delivery.


Hardwood flooring is a modern simple way of giving your home a fresh look. It’s the ideal of adding more beauty and value to your homes.

The cost of installing hardwood floors in nigeria depend on the location, the area to be covered, the labour cost and the the material used.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much does hardwood flooring cost per square foot?

Average cost of hardwood flooring is between 12,500 – 16,000 naira.

How long does hardwood flooring last?

Generally, hardwood flooring have a long lifespan of 10 – 12 years before needed refinishing depending on how rough you make used of it.

How thick is hardwood flooring?

Solid hardwood is 3/4 think with it’s tested durability.

How to nail hardwood flooring?

Tools required to nailed down 3/4 inches hardwood flooring include hammer, Air compressor, hand saw, chalk line, spacer blocks and safety wear such as (hand gloves, dust mask, eye & ear protection).

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