10 Most Longest Bridges In Africa 2024

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Where is the 10 most longest bridges in Africa 2024? A lot of people in Africa and the whole world have been on a long run battling for this query. This is because bridge help the land transporter to travel from one place to another. Most of the bridge in Africa are built with the help of government.

Most times, you found yourself on a bridge while traveling and it’s part of our daily life. Back in the days when mainland bridge was the longest bridge found in Africa before the construction of the 6th october bridge popped up which currently ranked the first longest bridge in Africa.

So on today article, we’ll explore all the top 10 longest bridge found in Africa.

10. Katima Mulilo Bridge, Namibia – 0.559 mile (900m)

Katima Mulilo Bridge in Namibia
10 Most Longest bridge in Africa 2024

Finally, here comes the bridge that rank the tenth longest bridge in Africa. The bridge is also called Bridge 508. Constructed for the purpose of transportation across the Zambezi River in Zambia. Inuagration took place on the May 13, 2004. Measured about 900 meters long which is 0.559 mile.

9. Mkapa Bridge, Tanzania — 0.603 mile (970m)

Mkapa Bridge located in Tanzania 
10 Most Longest bridge in Africa 2024

The Mkapa bridge, located in Tanzania rank the nine position of the longest bridge in Africa. The inuagration took place in 2003 and it was named after Tanzania third President — Benjamin William Mkapa. The 970 meter bridge is the longest bridge across Rufiji River. Built with the support of Kuwait Fund, OPEC, and with the help Saudi Arabian government.

8. Wouri River Bridge, Cameroun — 1.118 miles (1.8km)

Picture Wouri river bridge In Cameroun
10 Most Longest bridge in Africa 2024

The wouri Bridge was built by french in 1950s during the french war. The bridge links up the port of Bonaberi to Douala. Measured about 1.8 kilometers long. The bridge also links up both the rail and the road traffic to the west Cameroon

7. Qasr Al-Nil Bridge, Egypt — 1.2 miles (1.932km)

Qasr Al-Nil Bridge in Egypt
10 Most Longest bridge in Africa 2024

Finally, we’re now out of Mozambique country race and head over the Qasr Al-Nil bridge, which ranked the seven longest bridge in Africa, located in Egypt. Qasr Al-Nil bridge constructed across the longest river on earth named ” River Nile”. The bridge was first know as Khedive Ismail Bridge and design by Ralph Anthony Freeman. The inauguration took place on the 6, June 1933. Measured about 1.932 kilometers long.

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6. Armando Emilio Guebuza Bridge, Mozambique — 1.473 miles (2.37km)

10 Most Longest bridge in Africa 2024

Back in Mozambique again with the Armando Emilio Guebuza Bridge. This is the sixth longest bridge in Africa. It was named after the president who governs the country from 2005 — 2015. The inauguration take place on the 1 August, 2009.

5. Dona Ana Bridge, Mozambique — 2.28 miles (3.67km)

Dona Ana Bridge in Mozambique
10 Most Longest bridge in Africa 2024

Dona Ana bridge links up the residents of Mutarara and Vila de Sena. The main purpose for the construction of the bridge was for railway bridge that connect Beira to Moatize. Dona Ana becomes the second longest bridge in Mozambique while it rank the 5th longest bridge in Africa. It’s located at villa de senna. The length of the bridge is measure about 3.67 kilometers.

4. Island Bridge, Mozambique — 2.3 miles (3.8km)

Picture of Island Bridge in Mozambique
10 Most Longest bridge in Africa 2024

Mozambique has a lot of long bridge but the island bridge ranked the 4th position as the longest bridge in Africa. The bridge links up the island Mozambique to the mainland over the Indian ocean. The bridge is measure about 3.8 kilometers length. Located on the Island of Mozambique.

3. Suez Canal Bridge, Egypt — 2.4 miles (3.9km)

Suez Canal Bridge, Egypt
10 Most Longest bridge in Africa 2024

Suez canal bride was constructed with the help of japanese government. It’s some called Egyptian and Japanese Friendship Bridge. The bridge links up two continents together which is the Africa and Eurasia. Located at El Qantara, Egypt and also carries a four lane vehicles traffic.

2. Third Mainland Bridge, Nigeria — 7.3 miles (12.8km)

Picture of third mainland bridge, lagos
10 Most Longest bridge in Africa 2024

The third mainland bridge turns to become the second longest bridge in Africa in 1996 since the inauguration of 6th October bridge which double up the kilometers long of third mainland bridge. The bridge is located at Lagos, Nigeria. Which link up Lagos island to mainland. Julius berger took charge of the construction which was commission by President Shehu Shagari in 1980. President Ibrahim Babangida later complete the construction in 1990.

1. 6th October Bridge, Egypt — 12.7 miles (20.5km)

6th October bridge pictures 
10 Most Longest bridge in Africa 2024

The 6th October ranked the first longest bridge in Africa located in Cairo, Egypt. It tooks the engineers a couples of years to finish the construction (26yrs). The construction start in 1969 and the inauguration take place in the year 1996. It’s record that almost 500,000 residents in the Cairo city make use of the bridge daily. The bridge linkup Downtown Cairo to Gezirah Island.

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