Paint Price in Nigeria: How much is a bucket of paint in Nigeria?

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What is the current paint price in Nigeria as of 2024? This article will reveals to you the current paint price in Nigeria in case you’re planning to paint your house. Be it interior or exterior, you’ll be able to know the overall cost of painting your wall.

Paint price in Nigeria is determined by it’s quality and quantity. Quality will add value and beautify your home with viewer first choice.

When it comes to painting, choosing the right paint for your house determined the entire results you wish to have. This is because painting seems to be the last finishing material to be applied when building house.

In Nigeria, there are different brands and types of paint with different price tag. So it might be difficult to choose the right one that best fit your home.

Another thing to consider is the volume of paint brand as it also affect the price of paint in Nigeria. This is because paint comes with different volume in bucket like 4 litre, 20 litre and so on. But today, we’ll check on the cost of different bucket price in Nigeria.

Types of Paints

There are two types of paint commonly seen in Nigeria, which is the oil based paint and and water based paint. These are the one’s commonly seen in Nigeria but before we look into the price, let quick explore and discuss about the types of paint in Nigeria.

Oil Paint

Different Containers of oil paint

Oil paint with it’s durability are water–resistant. It is made made by suspending pigments in an oil-based medium, usually linseed oil. Oil paint are often used for iron doors, windows frames etc.

Oil paint have good adhesive properties which ensures that there’s no crack or peeling over a period of time. This make them one of the best choice for exterior walls. It can be used in some wet areas for long time without colour fading. It has the ability to provide super protection against stain and moisture.

Another important fact about oil paint is that they take longer to dry when applied on a surface.

Emulsion paint

20 litres bucket of emulsion paint

Emulsion paint are water based paint, used both interior and exterior surface of the walls. It is made by suspending pigments in water based medium with no odour unlike oil paint.

The most important reason while emulsion paint are best choice for house painting is that they dry very fast in 1-2 hours after application. Another thing is that emulsion paint has low levels of volatile organic compounds resulting in minimal odour and a reduced impact on indoor air quality.

Stucco paint

Pictures show buckets of stucco paint

These are glass, shinning and easy stain removal paint. Stucco paint are mostly used both interior and exterior modern building. It comes with water–resistor which make them to last longer than any other type of paint. Stucco paint is the most best paint in Nigeria currently with it’s high price tag.

Satin paint

A gallon of satin paint

Satin paint are often use for wood work such as door, window frames and ceilings. It’s comes in two different form, water–based and oil based medium and the most versatile of all.

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Acrylic paint

 Plastic rubber of acrylic paint

These are water–based fast drying paint from Maries, which are richly pigmented with it’s durability. Acrylic paint are made from pigments particles which are suspended in an acrylic polymer emulsion.

Paint price in Nigeria

PaintLitres Price
Emulsion 20kg ₦7,000
2 in 1 Stucco 26kg ₦46,000
White satin paint4kg₦12,000
Blue Acrylic paint5kg₦6000
Aluminum oil paint 1kg₦19,500
Dulux silk emulsion paint 20kg ₦85,000
Fineseal gloss oil paint 4kg₦9,500
Satin paint 20kg ₦42,000

The price of satin, stucco and Dulux paint seems to be are high. This is because they’re the current popular best choice paint in Nigeria currently.

Dulux paint price

Bucket of Dulux paint

Dulux paint offers high quality and give you a super finished both in residential and commercial buildings. The price of Dulux paint range between ₦15,000 – ₦85,000 in Nigeria market.


In conclusion, paint price in Nigeria widely depends on the type of paint you choose for your painting project and also the quantity required to finished your project.

FAQ’s on Paint Price in Nigeria

how much is 4 litres of paint in Nigeria?

4 litres of satin paint range between ₦12,000 — ₦15,000 naira in Nigeria depending on the location

how much is satin paint in nigeria?

The estimated price of 20kg satin paint in Nigeria is around ₦42,000 — ₦50,000 naira in Nigeria

how much is a bucket of emulsion paint in nigeria?

A bucket of emulsion paint of 20kg is about ₦7,000 — ₦9,000 naira in Nigeria

how much is 4 litres of gloss paint in nigeria?

Estimated price of 4 litres of gloss paint in Nigeria market is around ₦9200 — ₦11,000 depending on the brand and quality.

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