Bundle of PVC ceiling Prices; PVC Ceiling Price in Nigeria

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It is important to know the current price of pvc ceiling as Nigeria market keep increasing price of product everyday. On this article, we will help you look into the insight of PVC ceiling including the price and uses.

So, if you choose to use this type of ceiling on your new home, you should keep an eye on this post as we explore everything you need to know about the price of PVC ceiling in Nigeria.

Considering the current economy of Nigeria, Nigerians choose PVC ceiling over others types like POP, plaster, Fabric and synthetic etc. This is because PVC ceiling is the most affordable ceilings in Nigeria currently.

N/B: Kindly understand that the price of PVC ceiling here is not stable. It can increase and decrease at any time. In some case, location may also affect the price.

What is PVC Ceiling? (Polyvinyl chloride)

Pvc ceilings are material made from long lasting plastics with a friendly design which are mostly used for house interior. The word PVC stands for Polyvinyl chloride.

During the installation process, it can be cut into different shapes and it’s easy to install. PVC ceilings comes with so many design that stands out to be your number one choice of ceiling for your house interior.

Price of PVC ceiling

If you want to spend less time during the installation of ceilings on your home, then PVC ceiling is the best option for your project. This is because the installation of PVC ceiling save time compare to others.

PVC ceiling beautify and add more value to your house interior with less expenditure. This means you can have a great decor without spending too much.

Another important fact about PVC ceilings is that they’re very easy to clean unlike others. PVC ceilings has both width and length. The width is mostly measure 200mm while the length is measure 19.5ft.

Types of PVC ceiling

The two types of PVC ceiling commonly found in Nigeria is the Nigeria made Pvc ceilings and the imported Pvc ceilings.

The Price of the Nigeria made Pvc is higher due to it’s durability. All the features seen can give more assurance that is long-lasting pvc.

The Imported PVC comes with less originality but affordable in Nigeria market.

Price of PVC ceiling in Nigeria

Generally, the cost of Nigeria made PVC is around 10,000 naira – 26,000 naira per bundle with 15 pieces. Based on the seller. Also, the price of PVC Ceiling may also be influence by location.

The imported PVC ceiling comes with 12 pieces on each bundles and it’s cost around 6,000 naira – 20,000 naira. Based on the seller, location and other factors excluded.

The cost of single row PVC ceiling range between 500 naira – 1600 naira. These depend on how much you bought one 1 bundle.

Also, keep it to your mind that the state you stay in Nigeria may also affect the cost of PVC ceiling. The price of PVC ceiling in Uyo might not be the same of the price of PVC ceiling in Onitsha.

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Cost of Installation

The cost of installing PVC ceiling generally depends on the size of your room and the installation fee per square metres is around 300 naira – 500 naira.

Prices of PVC ceiling in Nigeria

Pros and cons of PVC ceiling

On this paragraph, we will be listing out the pros and cons of choosing PVC ceiling in your interior house decorations.


Durability: One of the advantages of using PVC ceiling is that they’re long-lasting and can be use for more than 50yrs.

Affordable: Another reasons to choose PVC ceiling over others types of ceiling is that you can purchase PVC ceiling without having to break the bank.

Easy Installation: PVC ceiling is very easy to install and also save time.

Water Resistant: Theses type of ceiling are water resistant and it’s also call water-proof Ceiling. Water do not have any chance of penetration.

Lightweight: These PVC ceiling are made with light weights plastics materials and they are not heavy to carry.


Exposure to heat: PVC ceiling may wrap if you expose them to eat. This is because the are made from plastic materials. To ensure it’s long-lasting, Do not make it a choice for space like kitchen.

PVC might sometimes release toxic gases, because they’re made through Chlorine.


PVC remain the best option when it comes to covering the interior roof of your house. It is a good choice when you want something affordable and easy to install.

Remember, a bundles of Nigeria made Pvc is about 15 pieces while the imported onces is 12 pieces. Make sure to confirm if it’s complete before dealing with any seller.

Also consider the pros and cons of these PVC ceiling before you make a choice. Some comes with bad quality and few are originality. Hope this articles provide you with some useful information about the price of PVC ceiling in Nigeria.

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