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Bundle of PVC ceiling Prices; PVC Ceiling Price in Nigeria

It is important to know the current price of pvc ceiling as Nigeria market keep increasing price of product everyday. On this article, we will help you look into the insight of PVC ceiling including the price and uses. So, if you choose to use this type of ceiling on your new home, you should … Read more

Complete List of Real Estate Companies in Lagos to Trust

When it comes to top real estate companies in Nigeria, Lagos is one with the most reliable and trusted real estate companies for first–time buyer looking to buy, rent or invest in a property. Which real estate companies in Lagos can I trust? Buying a home might be difficult procedure. Over 50% of property buyers … Read more

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

Nigeria is still on the stage of infrastructure. Most cities are known for it’s beauty which showcase thier unique features and tourist attractions. On this post, we will list out the top 10 most beautiful cities in nigeria. Below are the top 10 most beautiful cities in Nigeria starting from 10 – 1. 10. Kano … Read more

Paint Price in Nigeria: How much is a bucket of paint in Nigeria?

What is the current paint price in Nigeria as of 2024? This article will reveals to you the current paint price in Nigeria in case you’re planning to paint your house. Be it interior or exterior, you’ll be able to know the overall cost of painting your wall. Paint price in Nigeria is determined by … Read more

20 building materials and their uses with pictures pdf

Construction industry is full of different kinds of building materials that create durable structures and give your home a good look. It is essential for engineers and contractor to know the usefulness of different types of building materials as one of thier daily task. This post will reveal everything about the common 20 building materials … Read more

10 Most Longest Bridges In Africa 2024

Where is the 10 most longest bridges in Africa 2024? A lot of people in Africa and the whole world have been on a long run battling for this query. This is because bridge help the land transporter to travel from one place to another. Most of the bridge in Africa are built with the … Read more

Number of blocks needed to build 2 bedroom flat

Owning a house is great idea of escaping from landlord problems and turns to become a property owner. Cost of rents have been increasing everyday. In some areas, the cost of renting 4 bedroom flat might be enough for you to build spacious 2 bedroom flat than throwing money every month/year for high rent. Though … Read more

Wood Flooring: Cost of hardwood flooring in Nigeria

Knowing the Cost of hardwood flooring in Nigeria is one the most important thing to look into when building a home. Most families choose hardwood floors because it give natural vibes. There are many types of flooring which include Tiles, Concrete, rubber and wood. Today, we’ll look into the total cost of hardwood flooring in … Read more

Cost of MDF, HDF and Marine Board Plywood in Nigeria

What are the cost of plywood in Nigeria as of today? When it comes to homes construction, Plywood serve as one of the most important component in making homes furnitures. Knowing the cost of plywood is one more important thing to check on when choosing the right furniture materials for your home. Today, we’ll check … Read more

Minimum Income Needed To Live Comfortable In The United State

What are the minimum income require to live in the united state comfortable? When you come across this type of query, you’ll need to have in mind that it depends on where you want to live in the United States. For the pass year, cost of living in the united state have been increasing everyday … Read more