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4 Bedroom Bungalow and 5 Bungalow: Which One Is More Expensive?

We heard so many people talking about building a 4-bedroom bungalow and a 5-bedroom bungalow and wondering which one could be more expensive to build in Nigeria. So if you’re looking for the best option to go with and how much you can spend to achieve this, then you’re on the right page because we … Read more

Best Location To Buy land in Uyo

One of the beautiful things about Uyo is that you can connect to any part of Uyo once you get to the plaza. Uyo has a need for residential and commercial real estate due to its booming population and economy. We’ve make some research and decide to publish the 7 Best Locations in Uyo to … Read more

All You Need To Know When Building A 3-bedroom Flat

Are you planning to build a home? Building a home in Nigeria can seem like a forever project, especially when you don’t follow the right steps, know what to do first, and so on. Building a house now is quite expensive, so it requires a lot of sacrifice to build your own home. Most people … Read more

List and Price Of Cheap Hotels in Uyo

Are you a traveler or a pleasure seeker looking for the cheapest hotels in Uyo and their prices to lodge as of 2023? So on today’s post, we have done some research and prepared a full list of the cheapest hotels in Uyo where you can lodge for either a month or a few weeks. … Read more

Top 10 Abuja Restaurants To Visit in 2023

Abuja is the country’s capital and the main draw for most travelers. So if you have willing to know the best Abuja restaurants to give yourself a nice treat, then you’re at the right page, we have prepare a list of best restaurants in Abuja for people who enjoy fine dining and those who want premium delights. Therefore, if you are a local who doesn’t travel … Read more

5 Affordable Areas To Live in USA

Where can you relocate in the US State to save money and live comfortably? The right Question would be: where is the 5 Affordable Areas To Live In United States, since the cost of living differs by state. Americans now have the choice to live in other areas that are more affordable and offer higher … Read more

10 World Most Expensive House (2023) Updated

Have seen so many people in the internet searching and looking forward to know Who owns the World Most Expensive House. So we funded.com.ng begin to find out and after the research, we’ve successfully find it out, below is the list of World Most Expensive House. 1. Buckingham Palace Buckingham palace is our first pick … Read more

Most Busy Towns and Cities in Akwa Ibom State (Uyo)

Have you been looking for a the top 5 most busy towns and Cities in Akwa Ibom state? if so, then you’re at the right page to find it out. Akwa Ibom, the land of promise is one of the south south state in Nigeria. Comprising more of individual who speak Ibibio (Efik). The capital … Read more

Top 5 Most Costly House In Banana Island Lagos

Where are they Top 5 Most Costly House In Banana Island Lagos? Which famous personalities reside in these çostly homes? It is often claimed that some things in life can only be understood through experience. Luxury is an illustration of this. How much more luxury can be described without actually experiencing it? Without experiencing money … Read more