6 Affordable (Cheap) Areas In Lagos To Rent Apartment and Live

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Lagos is a Nigeria’s commercial hub and place where business move. Lagos is also one of Nigeria’s most busy and popular states.

So Renting apartment in Lagos is quite expensive. Lagos offers a nice neighborhoods where one can Live but the main problem is the high cost of rent.

Below we will be exploring some affordable areas in Lagos where you can rent apartment and live.

6 Affordable (Cheap) Areas In Lagos To Rent Apartment and Live

1. Yaba

One of Lagos affordable areas to rent apartment is Yaba. The cost for many everyday items and working in Yaba is less and affordable. Understudies who learn at a portion of the close by dominatingly enjoy it. The biggest and most active business sectors, Tejuosho is located situated here.

The expense of homes is sensible for this area, which is a market and a area for Student. With 130k – 150k, you can rent apartment in this area

Some of foundations in Yaba incorporate the college of best option and country’s pride, College of Lagos, Sovereigns School, Nigerian Organization of Clinical Exploration.

2. Ikorodu

Second on our list is ikorodu. Ikorodu is one of Lagos’s communities that is expanding fast, hence it has a low cost of living. It is more affordable to buy land and construct your own home or rent an apartment here than in other parts of Lagos. In Ikorodu, bad roads are a serious issue. However, having access to power is a huge advantage for those who live in Ikorodu and is one of the things that draws people to settle in ikorodu for a period of time.

It might only cost you as low as 100k – 120k to rent apartment in ikorodu.

3. Agege

The third affordable areas to live in Lagos is Agege. While Agege is undoubtedly one of Lagos State’s most congested places, it also has several neighborhoods with very affordable rent, like as Iju-Ishaga.

Despite the fact that there are affordable rental homes in this area, Agege has a longstanding reputation as one of Lagos’ most hazardous districts, making it difficult to ensure safety. Agege has long been the center of hard drug sales.

Due to inadequate waste disposal and drainage infrastructure, which contribute to widespread air pollution, Agege has a tough time maintaining healthy living.

To rent apartment in this area, you have to budget from 200k – 250k.

4. Apapa

Apapa is a local government area in Lagos State that is located west of Lagos Island. It is a port city in Lagos State, an industrial metropolis with many manufacturing companies situated there, and it also has some incredibly beautiful residential neighborhoods, all of which contribute to its current standing. This place is well-known in Nigeria because to the Apapa Seaport that it is home to. This seaport serves as the hub for Nigeria’s international trade.

Renting apartment here is somehow cost but it’s still affordable. To rent a full one bedroom flat here will cost you UpTo 300k.

5. Badagry

Fifth on our list is Badagry. Badagry is currently one of the most affordable area to rent apartment in Lagos. Living in Badagry could be difficult if you travel a long way to work due to the bad state of the single route securing this region’s connection to the outside world. It’s also rather affordable to buy undeveloped land with the intention of building your own apartment, but you should work with an experienced agent to prevent being taken advantage of.

Definitely in Badagry, You can rent a Self-contain apartment with just 80k – 100k which is the most affordable one on today list.

6. Mushin

Lastly but not the least on our list is Mushin. Mushin is one of Lagos’ most inexpensive districts after Badagry. Nevertheless, it is among the most unsafe places to inhabit. Mushin is not the best neighborhood for visitors to Lagos. It may be difficult to find a basic apartment in this area, which is sometimes characterized to as a ghetto, with the amenities a working-class Nigerian requires. The majority of the structures in the region lack the things one needs to survive.

Renting apartment in mushin can cost you only 90k – 130k Depending on the kind of duplex you need

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