Top 10 Abuja Restaurants To Visit in 2023

Abuja is the country’s capital and the main draw for most travelers. So if you have willing to know the best Abuja restaurants to give yourself a nice treat, then you’re at the right page, we have prepare a list of best restaurants in Abuja for people who enjoy fine dining and those who want premium delights.

Therefore, if you are a local who doesn’t travel much or a visitor, this list includes the top Abuja restaurants with attractive estates, developed cities, and fun-filled locations for you to visit this year.

Below are the list of the Best Abuja Restaurant To Give Yourself a Nice Treat.

1. Bukka Restaurant

Some of you must be familiar with Transcorp Hilton hotel as one of the most affluent hotels in Nigeria, the restaurant is one of the company’s assets, so you can be sure that you will receive the greatest treat.

You can fill your tummy with good food by enjoying the best dining created for Africa, international cuisine, and many mouthwatering meals.

Located at No. 1 Aguiyi Ironsi St. Maitama, Abuja

Contact: +234708 060 3000

2. Masala Wahala

This outstanding South Indian restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Abuja city. Most Nigerians, particularly those from Western Nigeria, are familiar with the term “Wahala“.

Masala Wahala, which is Hindi meaning “No Wahala,” serves dishes that are hard to forget and an unforgettable dining experience.

Located at First Floor, Ceddi Plaza, Central Business District, Abuja

Contact: +234904 939 6826

3. Sketch Cafe and Restaurant

I don’t think there’s any person on social media who is unfamiliar with this restaurant? Your colorful attire looks fantastic against the white and black artsy 2D and 3D walls, and the cuisine is equally as delicious.

In addition to breakfast items, they also serve salads, burgers, sandwiches, fish, pasta, meats, and noodle dishes. Additionally, the Sketch cafe and restaurant serves milkshakes, smoothies, fresh fruit juice, coffee/tea, mocktails, and drinks.

You will consequently have a great time eating in this place and taking in the atmosphere thanks to the reasonably priced meals that range in price from 3,500 to 15,000 yen, depending on what you order.

Sketch cafe and restaurant is located at opposite premier hotel, Wuse 904101, Abuja

Contact: +234908 845 1909

4. Blucabana

One of the top restaurants in Abuja is The Blucabana, a restaurant and cafe that is situated in a tranquil area near the Mabushi District of Abuja. You can choose from a variety of scrumptious delicacies at Blucabana, whether you want to eat supper or launch. The biggest reason Blucabana is located away from business districts like Wuse or Maitama is so that you can completely unwind and forget about work.

The staff at the restaurant Blucabana is knowledgeable and welcoming, and it offers a large variety of local and foreign cuisine. Gourmet chefs produce the meals at Blucabana with fresh ingredients. The most delectable dishes prepared in blucabana restaurant using the best ingredients will delight you and provide you a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Located at 1322 Shehu Yar’adua Way,Mabushi, Abuja

Contact: +234810 0900 000

5. Nkoyo

Our fifth pick is Nkoyo. Nkoyo is another best restaurants in Abuja to give yourself a nice treat and it is your very best option if all you’ve been craving for Nigerian meal created especially for you by Nigerians using our organic spices, herbs, and natural and updated aesthetics.

It is a unique restaurant with finger-licking food.

Located at No. 1 Bathurst Street in Ceddi Plaza in Abuja, Nigeria

Contact: +234705 953 0000

6. The Pasha

The Pasha is the ideal place for you to celebrate your birthday, breakfast with the girls, a night out with the fellas, or a date with your sweetheart. Due to its extensive menu, delectable food, and lovely indoor/outdoor seating area, it is highly recommended.

Although drinks and food are plenty at The Pasha, they are not as inexpensive as at a conventional restaurant. The finest atmosphere for relaxing with friends and family is in the outside dining area. One of the ideal settings for buffets, small gatherings, and birthday dinners is found in the indoor dining area as well.

Located at 11 Cassandra Crescent, off Usuma St, Abuja

Contact: +234807 766 7766

7. Cilantro

Once you try a meal there, you’ll undoubtedly want to return frequently. Cilantro will be mentioned when discussing one of Abuja’s most popular cafes and restaurants.

If you’ve been on the fence about Indian cuisine, you’ll be shocked at how quickly a bite of cilantro can change your mind. They provide the finest Indian cuisine you could ever desire in a tranquil, laid-back setting.

Located at Ibrahim Babangida Blvd, Maitama, Abuja

Contact: +234818 234 5670

8. Uncle T’s

First of all, this diner is a great place for hanging out with your friends and/or go on a date with your spouse. Additionally, there are dining areas inside and outside. One of Abuja’s best settings for dinners and small gatherings is the indoor dining area.

Uncle T’s menu offers a wide selection of food and beverages in addition to a cozy, lovely setting. The food is very reasonably priced and excellent.

Located at 51 Alex Ekwueme Way, opp. Jabi Lake, Jabi, Abuja

Contact: +234915 555 9565

9. Aldo’s Restaurant

Aldo’s restaurant is one of Abuja most best rooftop restaurants with the nicest ambiance.

Plenty of delectable food to choose from, space for you and your partner to be alone, and a breathtaking rooftop sight to enjoy while eating.

What else? You can sit either inside or outside and yet experience the utmost in comfort. The prices are slightly higher than at common restaurant, though.

Located at 466 Alex Ekwueme Way, Jabi, Abuja

Contact: +2340818 768 1555

10 Vanilla Restaurant & Lounge

Our last pick for today is Vanilla Restaurant & Lounge which is a well-known restaurants in Abuja. The beautiful design surrounding the restaurant’s interior truly reflects the attention to detail. The restaurant has a great romantic ambiance thanks to its size and comfort. Everybody will be satisfied because the vast menu offers something for every taste.

Located at 11 Usuma Cl, Maitama, Abuja

Contact: +2340810 454 5070

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