Cost of Building A Poultry Farm in Nigeria (2023)

What is the cost of building a poultry farm in Nigeria as of 2023? Some people keep asking and searching for this on the internet. So if you’re here because you want to know how much it will cost you then you’re at the right page

So today on this post, we will guide you on how to actually acquire a poultry farm that contains up to 1000 birds and also a bill of quantities on how to build that house, and that bill of quantities actually also contains the full list of costs.

What is a Poultry Farm?

A poultry farm refers to a place built for the purpose of rearing domestic birds.

Building a poultry farm is not something you will just wake up and start building; it also needs expert advice. Any poultry house should have the right height based on the system adopted, proper roofing and the plan should have enough space.

Brooding In Poultry Farm

Brooding refers to the maximum observation given to birds from day 1 to, like, 3 weeks.

Poultry Farm Building Plan

The pictures above show a floor plan of a poultry farm

The above picture show all the features needed in building a poultry farm. These include Foundation, dwarf wall, foot dip anti- proof gutter, wire net, ridge ventilation, door and roof.


In every project, foundation is the most important thing to start with. A poultry farm foundation should be made properly with concrete and also casting the stone should be (1.5ft – 2ft) height above the ground to prevent water From getting into your farm.


The floor should be made with concrete, which is the most common types of floor in the world currently. To avoid crack and damage when the removal of manure is on process with the use of shovel. We suggest at least 1.5ft height floor.

Dwarf Wall

The important of the dwarf wall is to prevent the birds from direct wind and sun. Some people prefer the dwarf wall to be 2ft height while some 1.5ft.

Wire Net

After the erection of walls, the installment of net should be made properly. The price of wire net in nigeria is around fourteen thousand naira to sixteen thousand naira each per bundle. So with the help of expert, you’ll be able to know how many bundles your farm required.


Roofing is done with the help of professional carpenters. The roofing can be any type of design providing it allow good airflow and help in water drainage when it’s raining. Materials used in roofing a poultry farm include, rafters and zinc etc


When the installment of doors is in process, be sure the doors are open outside of the poultry farm. And also keep a foot mat on the entrance of the door. The size of the door can be 6ft by 2.5ft.

What Is The Cost Of Building A Poultry Farm In Nigeria?

There is no fixed cost of building a poultry farm in Nigeria. It all depends on the capacity of bird you want to rear in the farm. The Cost of building a 1000 capacity poultry farm in Nigeria will be around three hundred and fifty thousand naira (350,000) to five hundred thousand naira (500,000).

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