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Construction industry is full of different kinds of building materials that create durable structures and give your home a good look. It is essential for engineers and contractor to know the usefulness of different types of building materials as one of thier daily task. This post will reveal everything about the common 20 building materials and their uses with pictures pdf

There are hundreds if not thousand of building materials used in construction nowadays but we’ll look into the 20 building materials and their uses with pictures pdf commonly seen and used in homes.

1. Sand

Focus photo of Sharp sand

Sand is a loose granular material and a natural resources from earth that help in so many role including construction, manufacturing and a lot more. Made from tiny pieces of rocks and material defined by size.

Uses of sand in building:

Sand can be used for driveways of under block paving.

It can also be use during the mixture of cement to forms blocks.

2. Concrete

A man working on the site with concrete

Concrete is a mixture of cement, water and aggregate like sharp sand, rock or gravel. It’s one of the most commonly used building materials for residential and commercial construction. It can be form in different shape and styles.

Uses of concrete in building:

It is used for circulation of loads uniformly when construction is on going.

It can also be use for foundation.

3. Wood

Table made with wood

Wood is a traditional construction materials. It has been used by hundred and thousands of home owners across the world.

Uses of wood in building:

Wood serve as number one choice for furniture making

It can also be use when roofing a house

4. Nail

Picture showing a budles of concrete nails

Nail looks like the most straight forward object (metals or steel) commonly seen during construction. It is an essential part of wooden frames houses.

Uses of nails in building:

Nails can be used to combine two or more frames together.

It also serve as one of the basic roofing material to fasten wood together.

5. Cement

Dangote cement in bulk

Cement is one of the most needed material in construction that harden the building unit.

Uses of cement in building:

Cement can be used to mold concrete blocks.

It also used during the process of tiles flooring.

6. Blocks

A man partition blocks

Blocks is a solid hard materials made from the mixture of cement, sand and water.

Uses of blocks in building:

Blocks are used to partition the walls of the houses.

It is also use to create fire resistant walls.

7. Irons

Focus pictures of wrought iron

Iron with it’s durability serve so many purpose in construction of modern homes, bridge etc.

Uses of iron in building:

Iron is used for the construction of gate, doors and windows grills etc.

It can also be used when pouring foundation to harden it.

8. Pipes

Connect pipes to control flow of water

There are many types of pipes to consider when construction is involved. This includes; galvanized steel pipes, concrete pipes, PVC pipes and lot more.

Uses of pipes in building

It is used to control the flow of water in buildings.

It is also used to limit the expose of electric wires in houses

9. Tiles

Focus pictures of tiles

Tiles are thin, generally curve square or rectangular pieces of material made from ceramics, stone or baked clays.

Uses of tiles in building:

Tiles is used to cover the rooftop, walls and floors.

It also serve as water resistant for your floors.

10. Zinc

Zinc sheet building materials

This are durable roofing materials, which are fixed to the roof to give a smooth finish.

Uses of zinc in building:

Zinc roof serve as corrosion and rust resistant

It is durable and long lasting

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11. Binding wire

1 bundle of binding wire

This is a wire made from steel which serve the purpose of tying bundles of material together

Uses of binding wire on building:

It is used for wrapping test in construction.

It can also be used to hold the reinforcement together at proper position.

12. Paint

Painting proces using blue paint

Paint is also one of the most common building materials which serve as visual durability on modern homes.

Uses of paint in building:

Paint is used to beautify the walls with any colour of your choice.

It also used paste protection on the walls.

13. Tar

Focus photo of tar

Tar is a high thick liquid that contain excessive amount of carbon content.

Uses of tar in building:

Tar is used for road construction

It is also used for gluing material together or making of waterproof.

14. Shovel

Image of a shovel

This is a tool used in digging and also serve the purpose of moving bulk material like sand, granite etc.

Uses of shovel in building:

Shovel is used to turn and mix together cement and sand in the in the process of moulding blocks.

It can also be used by the workers to dig foundation on the site.

15. Aluminum

Budles of aluminum

Aluminum being one of the most used building materials that enable architect to create different beautiful structure which cannot be done with wood.

Uses of Aluminum in building:

It is used for roofing.

It can also be used in the making of windows and doors.

16. Plastic

Rubber plastic on rooftop

Plastic are Light weight building material. One of the advantages of using plastic is that they’re light with durabilities.

Uses of plastic in building:

It is used for roofing

It can also be used in construction such as in piping and ductwork.

17. Clay tiles

Clay tiles on top of roof

Clay tiles is an ideal of roof that add extra benefits to your house. It is mostly seen on modern homes.

Uses of clay tiles in building:

Clay tiles is mostly used for roofing.

18. Sink Auger

Focus picture of auger sink

Sink auger is also known as drum auger. This is classified into a group of pluming building Materials.

Uses of sink auger in building:

Sink auger or drum auger is used for the removal of obstructions in sink and clogged drain.

19. Tin ceiling

Focus photo of tin ceiling

Tin ceiling is known for it’s durability and fire resistant. It very light, long lasting and easier to clean.

Uses of tin ceiling in building:

This serve for the purpose of covering ceiling.

It can also be used to surround fire place and designing of mirror frame.

20. Marine plywood

A canoe made with marine plywood

Marine plywood is also known as waterproof adhesive. It is water-resistant with it’s durability.

Uses of marine plywood in building:

Marine is widely used as floor tile.

It can also be used in furniture making such as kitchen cabinet, wardrobe etc.

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