SmartNetwork Ng Login | How Does it Works?

Smartnetwork Ng is a new established money making platform that was launch earlier 2023 by Thecityz. This article is all about how smartnetwork Ng works. On this article we will cover up all what you need to know about smartnetwork Ng.

SmartNetwork Ng offers various ways of making money online. You can earn money through smartnetwork by completely daily activities and get paid on each program you partake on thier website.

What is SmartNetwork Ng?

Smartnetwork ng is a newly built platform, known for affiliate marketing program that help internet users to earn money from home by promoting thier product.

Earnings on Smartnetwork Ng
Pictures of people earning with smartnetwork

SmartNetwork affiliate program offers thiers users UpTo 70% commission on each referral program you complete. This means that they will take 30% of any product you refer and give you 70%. Sound good right?

How smartnetwork works?

The truth is that in any business you get involved, you need time and marketing skill in order to get customer that will buy your product. Try different marketing ideas with different tactics, then sit down and watch how it works like magic.

This is how smartnetwork Ng works:

  • You get the product ✓
  • You advertise and promote it on your own Platform✓
  • Get a buyer ✓
  • Get paid ✓

For example, if the product was 10,000 naira. After you’ve successful connect buyers to them, you’ll earn 7000 naira as your commission fee which is 70%.

Smartnetwork sign up

Smartnetwork signup for beginners becomes very easy after thier last website update.

  • Goto thier official website smartnetwork
  • Click on the Navigation menu at the top right hand side of the page.
  • Click on Register. fill out the form and proceed.
smartnetwork registration / Sign up

You’ll now be redirected to Thier website homepage. Now let’s head straight up to how you can participate on the affiliate program.

How to become an affiliate on smartnetwork ng

To become an affiliate on smartnetwork ng where you can earn commission. You’ll need to make a one time payment of 2,000 naira before they accept your entry. After that, you’ll have full access to thier high quality products which will generate more income.

To Sign up as an affiliate on smartnetwork ng:

  • Go over to smartnetwork oficial website
  • Click on Become an Affiliate
  • Fill out the form and click on Register
  • Select your payment source and click on Get Access
How to register on smartnetwork as an affiliate

Now you have successfully have full control of thier product.

How to become a vendor on smartnetwork ng

Becoming a vendor in smartnetwork ng looks quite easy but required the sum of 5000 naira to get access. Users who sign in as vendor in smartnetwork ng have access to list thier digital product and showcase them to potential customers.

Who’s a vendor? A vendor can be someone that supplies or sell product to buyers.

Smartnetwork Ng charge’s thier user 15% on each digital product listed on the platform. That is to say, if you list a product that cost 50,000 naira, smartnetwork will charge you 7,500 Naira

To sign up as vendor on smartnetwork ng:

  • Goto smartnetwork Ng official website, scroll down and Click on Become a vendor
  • Fill out your information and click on Register
  • Select how you want make your payment and click on Get Access
Smartnetwork Ng Registration as a vendor

Make sure to read and agree smartnetwork ng terms and conditions before you proceed with any transactions.

Smartnetwork Ng: Is it legit?

To cut everything short, smartnetwork Ng is not yet confirmed if it’s legit or scam since the platform is yet to reach 1year of operation. We will update this page once confirmed.

Smartnetwork Ng: Is it a scam? Who owns it?

The main point to note down is that smartnetwork Ng has not yet reveal the owner of the platform. So in the eyes of internet researcher, this might sound as a ponzi scheme.

Always have it in mind that smartnetwork Ng will crash in some few months. It’s 50/50 Ponzi scheme. Users will cash out steady on the few months of operation and ones the platform reach thier target, they’ll shut down the platform without user notice. The next thing you’ll experience will be “server error“. So cashout on the main time at your own risk.

How can I earn on smartnetwork Ng

You can earn money in smartnetwork Ng with so many different ways, these include daily logins bonus, Referral program, vendor commission and you can also perform daily spinning to earn.

Smartnetwork Ng enable users to enjoy different types of earnings while the platform ensures that your affiliate commissions are safe.

How to withdraw from smartnetwork Ng

A lot of smartnetwork users have been struggling and finding it difficult to make withdrawal from smartnetwork Ng. Here is how you can withdraw your earnings from smartnetwork Ng to your local account.

  • Go to your earnings dashboard and click on Withdrawal
  • Enter your transactions pin and tab on Verify Pin
  • Choose your withdrawal type and enter the amount you want to withdraw, then tab on Summit Request

N/B: A friendly reminder that withdrawal from smartnetwork Ng normally take place on Monday and Friday.

Pros & Cons of Smartnetwork Ng


  • They have User friendly app and website
  • They guarantee users upTo 70% commission on each sale
  • They enable you to post your digital product and showcase them to potential buyers


  • Sign up on smartnetwork is not free
  • Withdrawal only takes place on Monday and friday
  • Plenty of bad reviews from thier users

Smartnetwork Ng customer care contact: If you have any issue that you want smartnetwork Ng to solve. Feel free to contact them through this email – [email protected]


In conclusion, Smartnetwork Ng is a Website, that you can make money online but at your own risk. Be ready to lose without regret when the website crashes, then enjoy earnings while still active.

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